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Andrew Green, founder of :: andrew green associates The founder of andrew green associates, Andrew Green, has a degree in Maths & Computer Science and over 30 years experience in the computer industry. After leaving London University, Andrew worked his way up from graduate trainee programmer to senior business analyst. A major part of his career was spent designing systems for bond and foreign exchange dealers, in the City of London:

The City in the 80's was relentlessly meritocratic and I learnt that the only way to satisfy such a demanding client base was to produce systems which were both intensely robust and extremely easy to use. Basically, perfection was what they were looking for. If you delivered that, you were in ... and if you didn't, you were out. And that's the ethos I still have. My clients can absolutely rely on me to produce the highest-quality work possible - a website is often the main marketing tool for a company or organisation and it has to be exactly right. And 'exactly right' - or perfection, if you like - is what we aim to deliver at andrew green associates.

Andrew had been designing and building websites for around 5 years, when - in Spring 2006 - he founded andrew green associates. As well as serving clients who still only need simple, fixed-page 'brochure' websites, the intention was to be able to offer a website solution for clients with more complex requirements. andrew green associates are particularly skilled in the design and development of database-driven websites for these projects, utilising a specially-written Content Management System which is extensively tailored for each individual website project. This enables our clients to add and amend website content themselves.

In addition - whatever the project size - one of the most important skills we have is creating sites which will be found on search engines - a skill which very few web designers have (although they might well try to persuade you that they do ...) - and also using these skills to radically improve the positioning of existing sites. See our Search Engine Optimisation page, where we discuss our approach to SEO and give a selection of our current results.

With andrew green associates, you get all the benefits of a large web design firm - a broad skill base and a professional approach - but without a top-heavy management structure and a bloated sales force. You also get all the benefits of using an individual web designer - quick response and a personal approach - but without the risk of being told that something "can't be done" (code for "I can't do it").

Structured as a team, we can be very light on our feet and give you the best of both worlds. But - and this is of vital importance - you always get to speak to me as your main contact. I'll either be doing the work myself, or I'm just a phone call away from the person who is. I will have personal in-depth knowledge of your project, so you won't have to waste time waiting for an 'account manager' to ring you back. All of these aspects go together to ensure that, when you choose andrew green associates for your web development project, you'll get a website which is exactly suited to the needs of your organisation. If your standards are high, that's fine with me ... because so are ours.

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