:: our expertise

The extensive - and wide-ranging - experience of our multi-disciplined team of highly-skilled IT professionals covers the entire range of software applications, from the operating system to the user interface.

We focus on the following key areas of development:

Complex websites utilising our specially written and custom-designed Content Management System tailored for each project. This is a vital part of our website offering and enables our clients to add and amend website content themselves - no more waiting (and paying for!) your web design company to change a single paragraph of text.

Large - or small - database-driven e-commerce websites, enabling our clients to manage their entire product catalogue themselves, again using a custom-designed Content Management System tailored for the project.

Simple, fixed-page 'brochure' websites, for our clients with limited budgets and who don't have the need to continually change the site content. Whilst a database-driven site will normally cost a minimum of £2000, a simple fixed-page site, perhaps with 3 or 4 pages, can end up costing less than £500 - a very competitive price, but with absolutely no compromise in design or technical quality.

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to:

Business Analysis, Systems Analysis & Design

  • Business Analysis - precisely identifying your business needs
  • Systems Analysis - creating a system to match and satisfy those needs
  • Graphic Design - creating the 'look' of your site, exactly as you want it
  • System Design - designing your website and the interface with your site visitors
  • Search Engine Optimisation - specifying a page structure and internal page 'coding', such that your site is 'search engine friendly' and can be found by your potential customers or clients
  • System usability analysis - analysing how well a website interacts with site visitors
  • Internet marketing consultancy - looking, in detail, about whether a website works from a marketing point of view

Technical skills

  • Webpage programming - HTML, Dynamic HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash
  • Databases - MySQL, PostGreSQL and OpenOffice Base
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) - Wordpress, PHP-Nuke, Mambo, EZ-Publish .. . and our own in-house CMS
  • Scripting and Programming - Perl, PHP, Python, Shell Scripting, JSP, Java, Ajax
  • Server Operating Systems - RedHat 9.0, Redhat Enterprise Server, Debian, FreeBSD
  • Mail Servers - Postfix, Sendmail, Qmail
  • Web Servers - Apache 1.3x and 2.0 series
  • Spam and Virus Control - ClamV, SpamAssassin, Razor, AmavisD
  • Others - OpenLDAP, Squirrelmail, XML

Ancillary skills

  • Video creation and editing
  • Image manipulation

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